Move your Stop-Loss Automatically

Once your First Target has been reached, you can choose to move your Stop-Loss automatically. Learn how to use this feature in the article below.

Move your Stop-Loss and Prevent an Unnecessary Loss

When you plan your trade you’ll probably will add a Stop-Loss to your Trade. A Stop-Loss will send your order to the exchange as soon as your price condition has been met. This way you’ll never lose more on that trade than initially planned.

When your Trade hits its First Target your Stop-Loss will automatically move to your Entry Price, so it can never go into a loss anymore. 

If the Trade moves on and hits your Second Target, the Stop-Loss will move to the level of the First Target. This way your Stop-loss will keep following your Targets as your Trade progresses.

Activate Moving Stop-Loss

In order to activate the function of the Moving Stop Loss you send the following command:

/set movestops on

If by any reason you don’t want to use this feature anymore, simply type the next command to turn it off:

/set movestops off

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