Get more insight into your Trading Results

Learn how your Trading has been going over the last Day, Week, Month or Year. In this article we’re looking at the various Stats PacifyPro offers.

Pull up your Stats

PacifyPro offers two ways to learn more about your past Trading Results. One is focussed on all your Individual Trades, while the other focusses on your Total Portfolio. 

Statistics of your Trades

With a single command you can pull up the statistics of all your ongoing and past trades:


These statistics will give you:

  • Cumulative Profit/loss (PnL) last 24 hours
  • Cumulative Profit/loss (PnL) last week
  • Cumulative Profit/loss (PnL) last month
  • All-Time Cumulative Profit/loss (PnL)
  • Cumulative Profit/loss (PnL) of your on-going trades

Besides these stats, it will also show you what your Winning Percentage is and how many trades you have made with Pacifypro.

Statistics of your Portfolio

Altough these individual trade statistics can give you major insights in your overall perfromance, we also implemented a stat for your total Portfolio.


These statistics will give you:

  • Your Beginning and Ending Balance over the last Month
  • The Difference in Bitcoin and US Dollar
  • An Overview of possible Deposits and Withdrawals

If you want to know these same statistics over a different period, you can extend the command like this:

/history since 2022-01-01

Or you can extend it even more like this:

/history from 2022-01-01 to 2022-01-31

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