Do you need API codes for your Binance account?

Some third-party software programs like PacifyPro require you to create a set of API keys to connect with your Binance account. Learn how to create these API keys in a few easy steps.

What's an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Without getting too technical, this means in short that it is a code to allow two separate applications to communicate with eachother and thus to share information. For example, some websites use Google’s API codes to display a route map on a website.

When you create the Binance API codes, you can choose which rights you give these API codes. This is a very important setting as you never want a third party application to have more access than it actually needs. The rights you can give with these Binance API codes are:

Set up your API in a few simple steps

1. Login to your Binance account

Login to your own Binance account through the usage of a desktop. The API management center isn’t available through Binance’s mobile app.

If you don’t have a Binance account yet, please follow this link to create a free Binance account.

2. Enable 2FA

In order to use the API codes, you’ll need to activate 2FA (Two-factor authentication). If you haven’t done this before, the website will prompt you to activate this prior to proceed.

3. Select API Management

Through the main menu at the top of the page you choose API management. As soon as you click on this you will be asked to enter a label for the new codes to be created. Enter the name PacifyPro here, so you can always remember what these codes were for.

4. Verify

Binance will ask you to verify through 2FA first and then send you an email to confirm the creation of the API codes. Open this link in your e-mail program in the same browser you used to log in (so do not confirm through mobile).

5. Note and keep your API codes safe

Once verified, you will be automatically returned to the API management page and you will then see the two API keys. Open a new text file on your computer and copy and paste both the public and secret key here so that you can find them later. The secret key is only shown once.

6. Log out at your Binance account

Once you have noted down both codes, you can then safely log out of the Binance website and proceed to connect your Binance account with the PacifyPro trtading bot.

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