Free and Premium Tradingview Indicators

Know when to Buy or Sell your Crypto

Our practise proven basic and premium indicators for Tradingview give you an excellent idea whether it’s time to buy or sell your favorite crypto currencies.

Spot the current Momentum on every Trading Chart

This FREE indicator helps you to identify the current trend we’re in. Is it trending up, trending down or is it ranging?

With just looking at the color of this indicator, it will immediately tell you whether it’s time to look for long or short opportunities.

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Easily indentify the Support and Resistance level on each Coin

Range trading is a trading strategy that can be applied to various financial markets and off course crypto currencies. The trading ranges show you exactly where the support and resistance levels are.

With this indicator activated you’ll immediately see the support and resistance for every coin on every timeframe.

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Quickly Spot the levels where Big Players are placing their bids

Order blocks, also known as liquidity zones, show us the price levels where there has been tremendous buying or selling pressure in the past.

When the price moves towards such an order block again, we often see that the price action repeats its past movement. This gives us very nice insights into where our ideal entry and exit points are. 

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Learn when a possible Big Move is around the corner

With this Easy to apply and adjustable Trendline Indicator you can get insights in when to expect a possible big move in price. 

Another Great Momentum Indicator for Market Analysis

The Larsson Line is a practise proven Premium Indicator which helps you identify the current Market Trend.

Our interpretation of this famous Indicator gives you another look on the current Market in order to make better trading decisions.

Get insights in the Price Deviation of your Favorite Assets

The Bollinger Band Indicator generates signals that not only provide precise entry levels, but also specify stop loss and take-profit zones. 

With our Experimental Forecast Function you will be better prepared than ever before.


Our Basic and Premium indicators are available as add-ons with our subscription plans.
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Free and Premium Indicators

Our practise proven indicators help you spot the best trading opportunities out there in every market condition

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Why trade alone while you can enjoy the benefits of trading together with your friends through Copy Trading

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“I especially love the Support and Resistance Indicator as it has become a big time saver for me personally as I was drawing these lines myself before.”


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“The Premium Indicators have been a great help for me to spot the best trading opportunities out there.”


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“I’m simply trading with more confidence now since the use of these Indicators. I can stick to my strategy better and have made better returns than ever before.”


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