Set your Default Targets and Stop-Loss

If you run a Trading Strategy with a default Stop-Loss and Targets, you can choose to set these levels for all your Market Buys. Learn more in the article below.

Save Time with Placing your Orders

Some traders always use the same Stop-Loss and Target(s) percentages. So we came up with a way to set your Personal Default Values. This way you don’t have to type these values in at your next order.

Set your Default Options

This feature starts with a single command followed by the settings of your likings, i.e.:

/set orderopts sl 5% tp 10% 100%

With this setting a Stop-Loss will be added to all your new Market Buys at 5%. Next, your Target will be at 10% and when that Target is reached, your whole position (100%) will be closed.

As you can imagine, we can have all kinds of variables in this line depending on your likings. Even complex lines with multiple targets and trailing activated on the Stop-Loss or Targets.

Here’s another example:

/set orderopts sl 4% tp 4% 30% tp 6% 40% tp 12% 30%

This one will add a Stop-Loss at 4% of your Entry, a First Target at 4% where 30% of your position will be closed, a Second Target at 6% for 40% of the position and a final Third Target at 12% for the remaining 30% of your position.

If you don’t want to use this feature anylonger, please use this command:

/set orderopts na

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at Telegram @pacifyprosupport.

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